Excursion by helicopter archaeological tour

Departing from Sorrento or Naples and discovering the most fascinating places of the Peninsula, Herculaneum, Pompeii and Vesuvius.

In just 15 minutes of flight you can admire all the ancient part of Naples, the crater of Vesuvius now dormant since 1944, when there was the last eruption that sprinkled the towns below with lava.

The term of the “dynamic rest of Vesuvius” is being studied and there are various theories on it, from a near awakening to hypotheses of 50-100 years or centuries. The warning signs, such as alterations in fumarole gases, small earthquakes or deformations, are monitored: considering that the rise of magma is associated with earthquakes, deformations of the volcano, an increase in temperature in the fumaroles and changes in the water in the wells.

From above you can admire the whole Vesuvius National Park, born on June 5, 1995 for the great geological, biological and historical interest that its territory represents.

Our vehicles can accommodate a maximum of six people and any excess baggage will be transferred separately, usually by taxi. Once in Sorrento and landed at the Due Golfi heliport, you can request a car to reach the hotel or the place you want.

What an opportunity, right? Well, then don’t miss it! Take the opportunity of a quick transfer and in the pursuit of maximum privacy! With just 24 hours notice, we can take you wherever you want, whenever you want!

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