Excursion to Ischia by helicopter

Helicopter excursions – Ischia

Experience the island of Ischia as you never imagined doing

If you are on holiday in Ischia, HeliSorrento can offer you different ways to experience the beautiful Green Island.
Thanks to the helicopter excursions from Ischia , the already wonderful scenery of the island will become even more fascinating when seen from above!

The island has a lot to offer and, once in flight, the various small ports, such as Casamicciola or Sant’Angelo , will attract your attention. The crystalline sea of ​​the bay of San Montano and Lacco Ameno , seen from the top of our helicopters, does even more justice to the beauty and colors of this magnificent island.

Approaching Ischia Ponte is the prelude to one of the most important buildings in Ischia: the Aragonese Castle. Its positioning and its imposing appearance make the Castle a real attraction.

The excursions touch different places in Campania , these are the ones that HeliSorrento recommends:

  • Ischia → Naples → Caserta → Ischia
  • Ischia → Caserta → Capri → Ischia
  • Ischia → Amalfi → Ravello → Ischia
  • Ischia → Amalfi → Paestum → Ischia
  • Ischia → Capri → Ischia

In addition to Ischia and its attractions, our excursions really offer much more. You will be able to see Naples , the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Sorrentine Peninsula and many other enchanting places in the surrounding area , choosing the excursion you find most interesting!

Addifati to HeliSorrento and book for your helicopter excursion to and from Ischia, you will find yourself in the middle of an unforgettable adventure, which will leave its mark and that you will feel the need to repeat as soon as possible!

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