Helicopter excursion to Capri

Treat yourself to Capri from a different perspective. Travel with us and live an experience to remember!

The beauty of the island of Capri is on the lips and under the eyes of all. Who has not had the opportunity to appreciate the folklore and the particularity, walking through its narrow streets and alleys?

Thanks to the helicopter excursions from Capri by HeliSorrento , you will be able to experience the island from a completely different perspective, best appreciating its rare morphological structure, with the plateau of Anacapri and the beautiful coasts jagged cliffs overlooking the sea.

Our tour includes several stops , you can choose the excursion you like best, among the following:

  • Capri → Sorrento → Amalfi → Ravello → Capri
  • Capri → Pompeii excavations → Vesuvius → Herculaneum excavations → Capri
  • Capri → Amalfi → Paestum → Capri
  • Capri → Naples → Caserta → Ischia → Capri

A wide choice, which in addition to making you enjoy the sublime view of the island, will also make you fall in love with all the other attractions of our area. You will fly over Sorrento , Naples , Ischia and many other places of disarming beauty.

In Capri, however, there is still much more to see. Your attention will be monopolized by the majesty of the Faraglioni , by the vivid blue color of the waters surrounding the island or by the sprouting of Punta Carena, dominated by the famous lighthouse of Anacapri.

Book your helicopter excursion from Capri to live intensely moments and places that you will never forget, you will tell your friends about a different Capri, which leaves you breathless and with the desire to relive it, from above, many more times!

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