Helicopter excursion to Paestum

Why not take a trip to Magna Grecia and fly to one of the oldest destinations in Campania? Paestum one of the most beautiful places to immerse yourself in the ancient city.

It is an ancient city of Magna Graecia called by the Greeks Poseidonia in honor of Poseidon, but very devoted to Athena and Hera. After its conquest by the Lucanians it was called Paistom , and then assumed, under the Romans, the name of Paestum . The extension of its inhabited area is still well recognizable today, enclosed by its Greek walls, as modified in the Lucanian and then Roman times.

Paestum is surrounded by an almost totally preserved wall, with a polygonal perimeter that extends for about 4.75 km, following the trend of the travertine bank on which the city stands. It consists of a double curtain wall of large square blocks, filled in the center with earth and interspersed with 28 square and circular towers, almost all reduced to ruins.

The area of ​​the Forum, rectangular in shape, was arranged after the settlement of the Latin colony, resizing the previous public space of the Greek age, the agora, and removing a strip of territory from the area ( temenos ) of the southern sanctuary.

The Roman square is flanked by various public and religious buildings and shops and surrounded on three sides by at least a portico on a slightly raised floor. On the southern side stands a square and apsed building, built on a previous Greek construction, perhaps a stoà : four marble bases of columns are preserved from the imperial age phase placed around an octagonal structure, which has made to identify the complex with a macellum . This is followed by a rectangular building communicating with the previous one, with semi-columns leaning against the walls and an exedra: it is thought that this may be the curia . Under its southern wall are the remains of an Italic temple from the Roman Republican age. Another rectangular room represents the remains of the Terme , partially excavated and reconstructed; a small building with three podiums on the back wall was probably the city lararium .

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