Helicopter excursion to Sorrento

Helicopter excursions – Sorrento

With HeliSorrento you can fly along the entire Sorrentine Peninsula

Managing to have a complete overview of all the attractions of the area!

Our company is based in Sorrento and this allows us to reach the most beautiful places in the surrounding area in a few minutes. It is thanks to this strategic position that our helicopter excursions, departing from Sorrento , allow you to really see most of the attractions of the Tyrrhenian Sea!

From Punta Campanella , the extreme point of the Sorrentine Peninsula, which divides the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno, you can see the island of Capri . After a few moments, attention is captured by Jeranto Bay and the Galli Islands , whose shape tends to resemble a dolphin.

Going up the coast you will be fascinated by the very famous Positano , whose slopes overlooking the sea exhibit an unparalleled spectacle, then continuing to Praiano, Ravello and Amalfi , where the waters between the blue and the green and the white beaches bring to mind much more exotic sceneries!

Here are some of the excursions that HeliSorrento offers you:

  • Sorrento → Amalfi → Paestum
  • Sorrento → Capri → Amalfi → Positano → Ravello
  • Sorrento → Pompeii → Vesuvius → Herculaneum
  • Sorrento → Naples → Caserta

The helicopter excursions from Sorrento are a complete flight experience, you will touch, in addition to the places already described, the islands of Capri and Ischia, the cities of Naples and Caserta, the Excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum , dominated by Vesuvius and you will stop at the Temples of Paestum , which will leave you enchanted by their majesty.

A unique opportunity, to be seized immediately! Book an excursion from Sorrento , our itineraries will satisfy your every desire and curiosity!

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