Transfer by helicopter to Capri

Transfer by helicopter to Capri

Fly to and from Capri with ease and in full protection of your privacy

Are you looking for an elegant and fast method for your helicopter transfers to and from Capri? You are in the right place! Using our aircraft, you will arrive at your destination in the blink of an eye and without worries!

Capri, thanks to its natural beauty, is one of the most popular tourist destinations on any day of the year. Often reaching it quickly, but also in discretion and elegance is a difficult task. This is where HeliSorrento comes to your rescue and, thanks to our flights, gives you the opportunity to move with class and without attracting attention!

What is better than the comfort of HeliSorrento aircraft for your travels? Whether for business reasons or for pure pleasure, we are able to satisfy your every need, offering you afirst-rate service, thanks to a professional and discreet staff!

Here are the main links with the relative duration of the transfer:

  • Capri – Naples (16 Minutes)
  • Capri – Sorrento (7 Minutes)
  • Capri – Ischia (14 Minutes)
  • Capri – Rome (80 Minutes)
  • Capri – Aeolian Islands (80 Minutes)
  • Capri – Ponza (43 Minutes)

Helicopters can accommodate a maximum of six people and any excess baggage will be transferred separately, usually by taxi. Once in Capri and landed at the Damecuta heliport, you can request a car to reach the hotel or the place you want.

What are you waiting for? Book your transfer with our helicopters at least 24 hours before departure, all the advantages of HeliSorrento will become reality!

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